Presentation on Benjamin Milam at the 2013 Old Reel Collector Association (ORCA) Meeting

AdvertisingCardPresentation given by Martha Milam Rodgers at the 2013 Old Reel Collector’s Association (ORCA) Meeting in Frankfort Kentucky.  Martha is the third generation great granddaughter of Benjamin C.Milam.  Other family members in attendance at the conference who contributed reels and memorabilia to the display and presentation:

Polly Cobblin

William G. Coblin, Jr.

Frank Stagg Rodgers

Willa Stagg Hoge

The attached presentation, pictures, and scanned documents are compiled from the family archive.

B.C. Milam presentation – Final

BCMIlam BCMilamFishing BCMilamWithBaby BCMIlamWithFriend Document-FishingandWildlife FishingLetter Letter-SwigertMilamHouse LetterFromJamesHenshall LetterFromMilamDetailingTheHistoryofTheKyReel MilamForOffice MoreTravelsAndAdventuresOfTheMilamReel NewsPaper Article Opinion of the Milam Reel Case

Milam House - 2013

Milam House – 2013

Picture-MilamHouse2 PictureMarthaMilam TheMCMilamShop TravelsAndAdventuresOfTheMilamReel

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